Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do You Know About Tourism Promotion In Indonesia?


Tourist objects and tourist attractions are being introduced to the Indonesian people to promote domestic tourism. Group tourist awareness (Pokdarwis) has been established as moving spirit for tourist development such as the improvement of tourist attractions to socialize the Seven Charms Program (Sapta Pesona) consisting of safety, cleanliness, orderliness, comfort, beauty, hospitality, and enchanting memories. Until 1997/98, there were 921 Pokdarwis throughout Indonesia, or an increase of 71.5% since 1993/94. To encourage domestic tourism, in 1997/98 the Government started to develop tours for senior citizens.

The Tourist Awareness Campaign every year adopted different themes in accordance with the national development rhythm and dynamics. In 1997, the theme was The Year of Cooperatives and Telecommunication and in 1998 the theme was: The Year of Art and Culture.

Several national tourist events have been held throughout Indonesia. In 1997/98 the events included Toba Lake Festival in North Sumatra; The Indonesian Archipelago Palace Festival in West Java; Borobudur Festival in Central Java; Bromo Festival in East Java; The Balibo Art Festival in East Timor; The Bidar Kapuas Festival in West Kalimantan; Sea Park Festival in Maluku; and the Lembah Baliem Arts and Culture Festival in Irian Jaya.

Despite the current economic crisis which has hit Indonesia since July 1997, the number of domestic tourists increased steadily. In fiscal year 1997/98 the number of domestic tourists was 120 million persons who spent 14 trillion rupiahs.

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