Monday, November 3, 2008


Definition of Culture
Culture is learned as a child, and as children we each learned from those around us a particular set of rule, beliefs, priorities and expectations that moulded our world into a meaningful whole. more »

The List of Culture Award Year 2007
The list of Culture Award Year 2007 more »

Citra Winner in Indonesia Film Festival, 2007
The list of Citra winner in Indonesia film festival more »

Statistic of World Heritage Place Visitor in Indonesia, 2005 - 2007
Number of Visitor on World Heritage Places in Indonesia , Year 2005 -2007 more »

Statistic of Museum Visitor, 2006-2007
Number of museum visitor in Indonesia more »

Reading Newspaper or Magazine
Resident which age of ten years or above whose reading newspaper or magazine. more »

Growth of Gotong Royong (Principle of Reciprocity)
Perception of gotong royong (principle of reciprocity) nearby environment. more »

Indonesia Senior Artist, 2007
List of Indonesia Senior Artist (Maestro) Almonner Receiver, Year 2007 more »

Cultural Heritage Site, 2007
Number of Cultural Heritage Site & Object, Establishment Preserve& Care Taker/ Preserver by province, Year 2007 more »

Statistic of Indonesia About 10 Yars Old Whose Listen to Radio in the Last one Week, Year 2006
Percentage of Indonesian Whose Listen to Radio more »

Statistic of Library Visitor, 2005-2007
Number of library visitor in Indonesia more »

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