Monday, November 3, 2008

Maskapai baru ke rute-rute daerah (BTH, PLM, PGK)

Linus Airways :: The Friendly Airline

On the 8th of June, 2008 Aviation Network had the pleasure of flying on Indonesia's newest airline "Linus Airways". As an ordinary fare-paying passenger I experienced what I believe was superior service conducted by very professional and courteous staff.

PK-LNI : Linus BAe 146-200 Aircraft Ready For Departure

Capt. Rusli Abdul Hamim (left) said that the Linus BAe 146-200 air-crafts from British Aerospace are very easy to handle and are also very stable because of their high-wing design. The flight crew regularly receive the latest Flight Simulator Training in Melbourne, Australia. Linus Airways currently have two BAe 146-200s and are planning to lease three more in the near future.

The flight crew consisted of four persons including First Officer Mr. Noor Hanafi, at the controls (right) and Flight Operation Officer Mr. Haryanto (front). The fourth flight crew member Mr. Fajar, the Flight Engineer, was located at the rear of the aircraft.

There were also two very elegant air hostesses who provided excellent in-flight care and services to the passengers.

Something that I found highly unusual on a domestic flight these days was a Free Snack Box.

Like most people I have come not to expect any free in-flight food services on domesitic flights, and I was convinced that in order to obtain cheap airfares this was one of the sacrifices that we have to make. However, if we think about it, this often causes a significant financial burden upon passengers, especially those passengers traveling with children. Purchasing food in airports prior to the flight is generally quite expensive and likewise the food and drinks being sold onboard aircraft are relatively expensive.

As you can spend up to two hours in the airport prior to your flight, and usually at least one hour in flight, most people find themselves needing to purchase food, or at least drinks. We salute Linus Airways upon re-introducing this very valuable service.

PT. Linus Airways operates two BAe 146-200 leased from BAE Systems Regional Aircraft and commenced operations on February 20, 2008, focusing upon regional destinations that have inadequate services. They have two BAe 146-200, PK-LNI (msn E2204) and PK-LNJ (msn E2210), with 98 single class leather seats.

Captain Rusli Abdul Hamim Free Snack Box Mr. Noor Hanafi and Mr Haryanto

We highly recommend that you contact and compare Linus Airways services before making your next domestic booking.

  • Linus Airways
  • Grand Boutique Centre
  • Jl. Mangga Dua Raya Block C No.4
  • Jakarta Utara (North Jakarta)
  • Phone: +62-21 5591 0930 / 55910901
  • Service Centre: +62-21 6220 3755

Linus Airways Website

Telah dibuka rute baru Linus Airways pertanggal 04 November 2008 :

Batam (BTH) - Pangkal Pinang (PGK) ~ 10:10 - 11:10 ~ by JI320
Pangkal Pinang (PGK) - Batam (BTH) ~ 11:45 - 12:45 ~ by JI321

Terbang setiap hari Selasa.

Untuk reservasi dan keterangan lebih lanjut, bisa menghubungi: +62-21 6220 3755

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