Monday, November 3, 2008


Strategic Sustainable Tourism Development in Indonesia
Roby Ardiwidjaja. Researcher at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. The quality of the environment is essential for tourism. However, tourism's relationship with many activities has negative environmental effects. On the other hand, tourism has the potential to create beneficial effects on the environment by contributing to environmental protection and conservation. more »

Traditonal Cruise and/ or River Cruise: a proposal based on Historical and Cultural Background
Presented by Harry Waluyo. ASEAN Cruise Working Group in Lao PDR, 23 April 2008. Background. Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia are rooted from Austronesia language groups; Viet Nam, Thai, Khmer, Myanmar, Lao are part of Mon-Khmer language groups. Those language groups are rooted from Proto-Austronesia since 5 thousand years ago. more »

Statistic of Culture and Tourism
By Harry Waluyo. This booklet consist of statistic of culture and tourism in year 2007. Published by The Centre of Data Management and Network System, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. more »

The Homeland of Sailendra Family
In this opportunity I will present about the Sailendra Dynasty. The evidence from the presence of this dynasty was mentioned in some inscriptions. Around the beginning of the 90s, I was interviewed by the Army Force of Thailand Kingdoms television. The interview was about the existence of the rvijaya in the southern part of Thailand, where a stone inscription known as Ligor Inscription was found. more »

Culture Satellite Account
Summarized by Harry Waluyo. An Approach measuring the economic and social importance of culture. more »

General ICT Overview
Presented by Harry Waluyo (Data and Information Centre) more »

Building Harmonious Relationship Through The Civilization Pathway among Nations in South East Asia
By Bambang Budi Utomo. Nations within the South East Asia regions have developing relationship since the first millennium A.D. Started with trading relationship; it was followed by religion and political relationship among kingdoms, which later created parallelism in the history of the development of South East Asian kingdoms. more »

Cultural Tourism Development: Effort to Indonesia Ultimate Diversity
By Roby Ardiwidjaja. The structure of all human activities drastically altered since the past century, cultural tourism is no exception. Evolving leisure patterns, short vacations, and the development of a massive tourism infrastructure has meant that many people tend to have authenticity experiences in a different culture and learn the similarities and differences of the human condition. more »

Indonesian Culture and Society
Tatang Muttaqin. The history of Indonesia begins with the early Kingdoms (500-1377) and the rise of the Islamic kingdoms (1290-1682). Then, presence of European in 1511 started by Portuguese explorers captured the port of Malacca, erected a fort there and settled in. more »

The Development of Interior Tourism and The Reduction of Poverty: The Case of Java, Indonesia
Transcript of the presentation by I Gde Ardika in University of Toulouse, on March 31, 2006, Toulouse, France. more »

Package Policy to Improve Investment Climate, Announced
Finally, the long awaited Investment Policy package, that was promised to boost investments was announced on 2 March. more »

Bali - Mass Tourism in Developing Countries
An excerpt from Olesja Buchner's essay, a cultural study on Bali by the La Trobe University Melbourne graduate. The essay itself is not available either in this site or the Ministry's archive. You can obtain it by downloading it from an external site (payment required). The Ministry, however, doesn't have any affiliation with the commercial site. We simply endorse this essay in hoping that more essays about Indonesian culture and tourism done by non-Indonesians will pop out in the near future. more »

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