Thursday, November 13, 2008

FORUM KOMUNIKASI BISNIS PARIWISATA (Tourism Business Communication Forum)

Dear readers,

My name is Raymond Wesley Manurung,SST.Par., stated in Bali, and I'm a graduated student from STP Bali (Bali Tourism Institute), and currently I'm working for one villa development in Bali, India, and Australia. At this moment, together with my friend who's also a lecturer in STP Bali, named Mr.Iswayana, I would like to build a way to develop many ways to get our tourism business live becomes better and better in the future.

But in this present time, the best way that we can do, also we'just did a welldone-prepared, is making a talk show on a radio. This talk show will be discussing all of matters which spins around us. But at this 6 months starting point, we do concentrate to gain problems from the mid-down class of business men who's running their business in tourism field. And to accommodate your courage to ask more informations and solutions, ofcourse this event will be held in Live! Show with Interactive Session, talking in Bahasa Indonesia with the moderator and the sources person(s) from each relevant institutions to each topics.

So, refer to above backgrounds and purpose, we name this talk show as: "FORUM KOMUNIKASI BISNIS PARIWISATA". As it has been planned by the Executive Producer (also we planned for 'Bali Hotel Association' as the Co-Producer), this interactive talk show will be taking 1 day per show, it could be Friday or Saturday, 60" per show, 1 hottest topic per show, and 1 theoretical source person, and of course 1 succeed-practical source person invited to share all the got regarding the matter we'll talk about.

I need all of your supports to let us know about all of matter which has been happened or still happening, so finally we could pass your willing(s) to the Ministry of Culture & Tourism of Republic of Indonesia. And for your info, if Mr. Jero Wacik as the Minister of Culture & Tourism of Republic of Indonesia will officially launch this interactive radio talk show in the grand ballroom of STP Bali (Kampial, Nusa Dua) then will give an opening speech regarding this interactive radio talk show, so people will be interested to give their comments to re-develop our beloved tourism business. So, just post us any information, any complaints, any critics, any supports, and any words you have related to tourism business and address them to: ---and---

Thank you and best regards,

Raymond Wesley Manurung

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